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Program Sustainability Guidebook

Your organization does important work. But are you (or your funders) worried about program sustainability? Do you ever struggle with questions regarding project sustainability on grant application forms?

Program sustainability guidebook cover
Nonprofit Sustainability is More Than Just Funding


Nonprofit and program sustainability is the product of a proactive and step-by-step process. In Survive and Thrive, Kylie Hutchinson guides readers through a straightforward and innovative three-step strategy that ensures their programs have a lasting impact for years to come. Written in an informal and user-friendly style and packed with current research, relevant case studies, and practical exercises, Survive and Thrive is the definitive guidebook for nonprofits on how to develop a sustainability action plan.

What’s Inside


Inside you’ll find:

  • Twelve reasons why you should be concerned about program sustainability.

  • 28 program design and operational practices associated with greater program sustainability.

  • Seven practical exercises for developing a formal sustainability plan.

  • Twenty case studies illustrating key concepts.

  • Five ways that funders can help promote sustainability.

  • Tips, tools, and more!

Culled from years of research into what promotes program sustainability and three decades of work with nonprofits, the steps in Survive and Thrive fit every organization, big or small, that wants to ensure its programs not only survive, but thrive!



“Kylie, your time with our group was certainly a highlight last year. Folks loved your book and took it back to their organizations ready to focus on sustainability planning. You were repeatedly named as one of the most helpful parts of the conference with ideas that were practical, manageable, and thought-provoking.”

Shauna Tominey, Assistant Professor of Practice & Parenting Education Specialist, Oregon State University


“Survive and Thrive is a wonderfully practical handbook for nonprofits who are figuring out how best to sustain their work and its impacts. We are eager to share this with our grantees as part of our efforts to support nonprofit capacity to improve life for all Oregonians.”

Kim Leonard, Senior Evaluation Officer, The Oregon Community Foundation, Portland, OR


“Survive and Thrive offers a balance of well-researched theory, compelling case examples, and deeply practical tools. Nonprofits, and the consultants that serve them, will delight at the clarity of the three-step sustainability process Kylie describes.”

Corey Newhouse, Founder and Principal, Public Profit, Oakland, CA


“Survive and Thrive uses an easy to understand and well-thought-out model to help grantees assess and build their capacity for program sustainability.”

Sandra Cunningham, Executive Director, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, Sechelt, BC


“Kylie Hutchinson has masterfully tackled a growing challenge faced by every human service organization; how to continue to provide much-needed services when resources are often scarce, piecemeal, and time-limited. I’ve needed a book like this for a long time!”

Stacie Prescott, Deputy Executive Director, Options Community Services, Vancouver, BC


“Survive and Thrive has fundamentally changed how I approach the sustainability of our health, housing, and employment programming. The lessons within will impact our organization for years to come.”

Marie MacCormack, Director of Special Projects, Fred Victor Centre, Toronto, ON


“Ongoing program sustainability is an ever-present and demanding issue for nonprofit organizations. Kylie’s book is well-researched and chock-full of practical tools, worksheets, and plans for organizations to use while actively planning for their program’s future. This book is an essential resource for the non-profit sector.”

Janice Duddy, Manager of Evaluation, Pacific AIDS Network, Vancouver, BC


“I want this on my bookshelf – there are lots of practical ideas that I would like to use when thinking about a program’s sustainability. I envision my copy will be dog eared and with lots of scribbling in it. It should be required reading for all non-profits!”

Heather Todd, Quality Assurance Manager, NONA Child Development Centre, Vernon, BC

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